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Announcing the new Global Podiatry Network

Announcing the new Global Podiatry Network

Steve Jamieson

Last month I wrote about our forthcoming International Symposium, and I wanted to follow up with a short report on the meeting and what was decided. 

On the eve of Conference, on 23rd November, visitors from eight countries came to the College of Podiatry to discuss how international cooperation could be improved in the areas of clinical practice, policy, research collaboration and communications. They then travelled down to join us in Bournemouth. 

I’m pleased to report that the meeting was a great success and the countries attending - USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Greece, Israel, Malta and Barbados - have agreed to begin work developing a new Global Podiatry Network. 

We agreed that the network will focus on a range of aims, which will have practical, useful impacts for our members whilst enhancing the status of the profession in the UK and elsewhere. 

Among the areas to be taken forward will be work on the portability of qualifications, to enable UK podiatrists to work in more countries; overseas CPD opportunities for members; and international student mentoring, to open up new opportunities for podiatrists in training, and add to the experiences they bring into the profession. 

We will also be engaging with our partners on collaborative research into the podiatry sectors within the different countries, and we anticipate that more opportunities will open up for UK podiatrists interested in overseas volunteering.  

The network remains open to other countries to join in future, and we hope to see it expand further. As one of the nine founder members, we at the College will be taking a prominent role in shaping its activities, and we look forward to adding some international flavour to next year’s conference where we will host a second symposium.