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Lisa Valentine's RTP story

Lisa Valentine's RTP story

Lisa Valentine returned to practice in 2019 after almost five years away. She was able to afford the process by working as a Band 3 Podiatry Assistant to complete the required amount of supervised practice.

"I trained at Southampton University and graduated in 2007. I left in 2014 due to family commitments at the time.

"I decided to return as I was not feeling fulfilled and was having very little job satisfaction in my work life.

"I contacted Wiltshire Health and Care Podiatry to find out more about the possibility of returning to practice. At the time they were unable to help me with employment but did offer to allow me to do some observational practice. As I was working full time and could not afford to reduce my hours it would have been very difficult for me to return to practice in the private sector as I had quite a small window of opportunity before being out of practice for over 5 years, which then doubles the required HCPC days from 30 to 60.  

"The process was fairly straightforward for me as the Podiatry Manager contacted me when a position became available, which I applied for and got. I was employed firstly as a Band 3 Podiatry Assistant, and once I had completed the period of updating my skills and knowledge to meet the HCPC requirements, I was re-admitted to the register and was promoted to a Band 6 Podiatrist. I applied to HEE for the funding available to support RTP; I used some of the available funding to attend a one day Podiatry workshop, and also to do an online CPD course.    

"I now work for Wiltshire Health and Care as a full time Band 6 Podiatrist. 

"I would advise anyone thinking of returning to practice to contact their local NHS Podiatry department as soon as possible. The process for me took approximately six months from when I initially made an enquiry, and then a further three months to be re-admitted to the HCPC register.

"I am very glad that I made the decision to return to podiatry and although it has been hard work studying again, it has definitely been a worthwhile investment of my time and energy."