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Guidance for Nominations

Please read these guidance notes first before completing the nomination form below. Nominations for 2020 must be received by 24 September 2019.

What is the Awards programme?

Each year the organisation makes awards, in a number of categories, to its members and to those outside the profession who have given particular service to the profession.  

Who may make a nomination?

An individual or group may make a nomination. Nominators may not be relatives of the person/people being nominated. You may not nominate yourself to receive an award.

Who may be nominated?

An individual or group may be nominated.  

What are the categories of Awards available? 

A list of the categories of Awards available is listed here. Guidance notes for each category are included on the list.  

What is the nomination process?

The Awards programme begins in the late spring/early summer of each year.  A call for nominations is published in the journal and on the website. 

When are the nominations considered?

The Awards Committee will consider all nominations at its meeting which usually takes place in the Autumn.  

How do I submit a nomination?

All nominations must be made using this form and must be sent to the organisation by the due date. Nominations submitted after the closing date will not be accepted, but will be held over till the following year. In exceptional compassionate circumstances, the Awards Committee may consider a nomination out with its normal meeting schedule.

Please make sure that you provide complete names and valid email addresses.  

When will I be advised whether my nomination has been successful?

Nominators and referees will be advised as soon as possible of the outcome of the nomination.  The Awards Committee’s decision is final.

What supporting evidence must I provide?

Supporting evidence should be as clear and concise as possible, giving specific examples of the individual’s contributions to the area(s) in question. Please do not include CVs of nominees. Please read the awards categories on pages three and four of this document.  

What references do I need to provide? 

On the form, you must give the name and contact email of two referees for the nomination.  You should make sure that you seek permission from the individuals concerned to give their names as referees.  The referees may not be relatives either of the nominator or the person/people being nominated.    

What happens after I submit my nomination?

We will send an acknowledgement, but we will not be able to discuss a particular nomination while it is being considered or if it does not succeed.  Once we have received your nomination, we will write to the referees to seek a reference in support of the nomination.  

What happens if the Awards Committee feels an individual has been nominated for the wrong Award?

If the Awards Committee feels that an individual has been nominated for the wrong Award, it reserves the right to approve a different Award.  The Awards Committee also reserves the right not to make an award.

How many times may I submit a nomination for the same person to receive the same Award?

You may submit a nomination no more than twice for the same person to receive the same Award for the same activity.  

Confidentiality and Security

Any information you provide will be held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.  Neither your personal details, nor those of the referees, will be disclosed to third parties.  

If you have any further questions or require further clarification, please contact us

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