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The use of laser therapy under supervision for Assistants:


Currently the College suggests that following consultation with a qualified podiatrist where a reasoned diagnosis has been made and a treatment plan including a laser prescription is in place, that a patient can receive laser treatment (not including further assessment and diagnosis) from an Assistant Practitioner. 

That Assistant Practitioner will need to have undertaken relevant training and will be working under the supervision of a qualified podiatrist who also has evidence of up-to-date training in laser therapy. As with all forms of clinical supervision the responsibility for patient safety and high quality care provision lies with the qualified podiatrist.  That qualified Podiatrist would need to ensure that they work within their scope of practice and are qualified and competent to practice in this way. 

The use of microwave devices under supervision for Assistants:


Given that there are currently no approved training routes that have received College accreditation; it is more challenging for the College to support the supervision of Assistant Practiioners in the use of microwave devices.

At this time, we would suggest that further evaluation of the outcomes of treatment with microwave devices would be beneficial, along with an accredited training programme in the use of microwave devices in podiatry prior to offering any support of microwave devices in practice.

We continue to seek the position of our Captive Insurance Group and the underwriters of our insurance as this practice evolves and if there are any changes we will ensure that we update the membership.  In the meantime, we can advise that at this time we would not support the practice of the supervision of Assistant Practitioners to provide microwave device treatment.  For clarification though, the College would still support a member who has undertaken relevant training and is working within their scope of practice to provide treatment in Microwave therapy for the foot, ankle and associated structures.