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Podiatry Now Assistant Practitioner Articles

Podiatry Now Assistant Practitioner Articles

Podiatry Now Magazine

Please see below a list of Articles written for or about Assistants and their training and work within the profession. To the right you will see links to the monthly journals, click on the link to read the articles:

A Trainer's Experience of Setting Up the Assistant Practitioner's Training

February 2016 2015 - Page 19-20

Written by Faye Lee

From Orthotic Technican to Head of Clinical Services

November 2015 - Page 32-33

Written by John McLaughlin

A Day in the Life of a Podiatry Assistant in Private Practice

October 2015 - Page 27

Written by Christine Riches

A Day in the Life of a Podiatry Assistant

July 2015- Page 29

Written by Gillian McSharry


Podiatry Assistants- The Care Certificate

June 2015- Page 28-29

Written by Anna Lunato


Podiatry Assistant- Events February 2015

May 2015- Page 28-29


A Day in the Life of a Podiatry Assistant

April 2015- Page 30

Written by Nancy Stevens


My Journey from Apprenticeship to Podiatry Assistant

February 2015- Page 41

Written by Jess Wood


Podiatry Assistant to Entrepreneur & the Learning In Between

November 2014- Page 15-17

Written by Jim Leigh


Assistant Practitioner Reflections

November 2014- Page 37-39

Written by Anna Lunato


Assistant Practitioner Workshops

November 2014- Page 40

Written by Debby Stevens, Bernadette McDowell and Sarah Anderson


Assistant Practitioner’s Reflections on Attending the Assistant Practitioners Training Course

November 2014- Page 41

Written by Susan Millidge


Northern Ireland Regional Podiatry Assistant Training Day 2014

September 2014- page 29


Assistant Practitioners Event

May 2014- Page 24-25

Written by Anna Lunato


Survey of Podiatry Assistants, Their Job Title and Training Provision

May 2014- page 28

Written by Karen Reed


More Articles Needed

We are currently looking for more articles to put within the Assistant Practitioners section of Pod Now. If you would like to write an article to be considered for inclusion e.g:
  •  ‘A day in the life of…’
  • A specialised focus of an Assistants role within a Diabetic Clinic
  • Assistant Practitioners within Private Practice
  • Assistants helping at a School Careers days etc.
  • The Changing Role of Assistants in the NHS
  • Assistants work with children
  • Training as an Assistant
  • Assistants work with patients suffering with Dementia
  • Experiencing a day with an Assistant on home visits
  • Assisting with wound care, development of Orthotics
Please do let me know and I would be very happy to help advise you. All ideas welcome and please keep an eye out for future articles in every monthly journal.


Email: assistantpractice@scpod.org     Direct Line: 0207 234 8620