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At a Scottish level the Scottish  Forum is the main committee of the Society. Scottish Forum reports go to the Strategic Planning and implementation Board (SPIB) and from there to Council.
The Scottish Forum responded to the Scottish Government's personal footcare working groups consultation on draft guidelines for personal footcare.  Society members have been prominent in the work of this government group and thanks are due to all those who participated.  

Latest News

This is a summary of the full healthcare needs assessment for Scottish NHS podiatry services. The full report is available at: http://bit.ly/2tDFxJb

Download the summary: Healthcare needs assessment for Scottish NHS podiatry services


The Bill
Society Chair Alison Wishart and members of the Scottish Forum also met with Michael Matheson, MSP Minister for Public Health, to discuss personal footcare and issues around the Integration of Health & Social Care Bill.

This Bill will be the focus of some prolonged campaigning in Scotland over the next year. There will also be joint camaigning under the Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland (AHPFS)  banner over the next year.  Integration of Health and Social Care (IHSC) As mentioned above this is the biggest issue in Health in Scotland today and involves the NHS , local authorities and the third sector as well as the independent Sector. The SCP has been successful in achieving recognition that the "independent b sector" does not just refer to care homes and staff but includes our private practitioners. However the third sector, NHS and local authorities will always feature prominently in the mix as this is the direction of travel, not just for the Scottish Government but for the opposition parties as well.  The Public Bodies ( Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill is introducing the legislation and is in the early stages of going through parliament, but members will be aware that changes to working practices based on this Bill are already taking place throughout Scotland. 

Podiatry Pathway Campaign  SCP uni- professional campaigning on IHSC centres on a leaflet ( available electronically on request) which highlights the benefits of podiatry and the key role it has to play in keeping people active mobile and living at home or in "homelike" community settings as they grow older. The leaflet was taken to the Scottish Labour Party Conference in April and distributed to delegates including Councillors and MSPs, including then Health spokesperson Jackie Baillie who  met with the Scottish Policy Officer , along with CSP and COT policy Officers while there. There is a fringe meeting being held at the SNP conference in October, showcasing some of the wide ranging benefits of podiatry, a small group of willing helpers has been recruited to assist with staffing this event and thanks in advance are due to the members of this group.  The Society has also submitted evidence to the Health committee's call for written evidence on the Bill . 

Joint AHP Campaigning There is considerable campaigning going on under the AHPFS banner on this issue as it is important to ensure AHPs are not overlooked in this major organisational change. Some specific events coming up include the following :- A visit  by Aileen MacLeod, MSP To the "hub" in Dumfries and Galloway, a multi disciplinary stroke rehabilitation centre. The visit will be towards the end of August and other local MSPs and Councillors will be invited. Aileen is  a member of the Health Committee and is the parliamentary liaison officer for Alex Neil, the Health Secretary, so she is well placed to benefit from such an insight into AHP multi-disciplinary working.               

A dinner on 30 October at which representatives of the AHP professional bodies and patients will be able to meet with MSPs  and help them develop an understanding of the importance of AHPS work and the contribution they make towards supporting  and enabling people to remain in their own homes , improving health & well being and enhancing quality of life.Michael Matheson,  Minister for Public Health, has heard our message and is keen to involve AHPs in the implementation of IHSC.  As a result email invites have been issued for AHPFS to meet with a number of key civil servants including Alan Baird, chief social work advisor; the integration Bill team, and the Joint Improvement Team ( JIT).  These meetings are likely to take place in September.         Watch this space for further news of these campaigns.   

Personal Footcare Guidance

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is the leading professional body for registered chiropodists and podiatrists in the UK and as such very much welcomes the work of the Scottish Government in establishing the personal footcare working group, and recognises the profile given to this important and challenging topic in the AHP National delivery plan by making it a specific recommendation (Recommendation 2.7)

The Society notes that there are only three profession specific recommendations out of twenty seven in the AHP national delivery plan and further welcomes the fact that of these three specific mentions, two relate to podiatry, highlighting the important and diverse role podiatry plays in the health of the nation.

Further information on the Guidance is available online at
Download the Guidance

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Ross Barrow 

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