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UK Countries & Regions

UK Countries & Regions

Each of the devolved countries:Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England  has a Forum. 

The Forums comprise of representatives of the various interest groups in those countries, such as Accredited Staff Side Representatives , private practitioners and NHS managers. 

The Forums work with a Policy Officer in their country and advise Council in relation to the devolved governments. 

More information on local activities and events are published in the relevant website areas: 

- Scotland
- Wales
- Northern Ireland
- England

Lobbying Government

The Policy Officers lobby Government to safeguard and promote podiatric practise. In England, the society retains the services of a lobbying agency to carry out this role. 

Committees of the English Regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

These committees are represented geographically within the UK. Each of these committees has a direct link with Council to co-ordinate branch activities and views. More information will be soon published.


Terms of Reference

Each region has it's own terms of reference. These can be view below:

England Forum Terms of Reference