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Directorate of Podiatric Medicine

Directorate of Podiatric Medicine

The Directorate of Podiatric Medicine is one of the Directorate which collectively constitute the College of Podiatry.

Its main role is to ensure members are fit for practice and are up to date in processes and procedures that affect patient care through education, continuing professional development and other related activities.

Medicine Committee

Useful information and list of links set up by the Medicine Committee.

Guidelines on the management of anaphylactic reactions and infection using antibiotics
In view of the recent additions to the list of Prescription Only and P Medicines available via access and supply, the Medicines Committee has been fortunate in having two useful guidelines produced by Jim Pickard MSc FCPodS, Head of the Huddersfield School of Podiatry.

Medicine Committee Useful Links
A composed a list of web links added by the Medicine Committee which are  relevant to all Members.