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College of Podiatry Committees

College of Podiatry Committees

College of Podiatry Academic Board:

Currently CoPAB has a large membership with a diverse agenda. In the new structure it is proposed that CoPAB will be responsible for setting the detailed strategy for the College, and agreeing the strategy with the Board of Trustees. CoPAB will set a list of priorities, objectives and timescales for the College and will recommend appropriate budgets for the activities of the College. CoPAB will be a strategic Committee, reporting to the Trustees, whilst receiving recommendations from Practice and Education, the Directorates and Expert Groups.

CoPAB will instruct the Practice and Education Committee of the strategic priorities. CoPAB will receive reports and recommendations from: the Practice and Education Committee, the five Directorates and the Expert Committees and Groups. It will also receive instruction, recommendations and advice from Society Committees, the Trustees and College Directorates and Committees.

Practice and Education Committee (PEC)

This is an operational Committee of the College, implementing the strategic work, overseeing the activity of the Directorates, the Expert Committees and Groups, receiving reports, recommendations and updates, and also encouraging horizon scanning for advice planning.