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The College of Podiatry is the focal point for all matters relating to education and training in podiatry. 

Structure and the role of COP

The College of Podiatry has grown from the educational activity of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, the Professional Body and Trade Union for podiatrists and chiropodists UK-wide.

It is a charity, created to inform and influence academic learning and research, educate and raise awareness of the importance of foot health and bring it higher up the public health agenda.

The College and the Society are linked, but separate bodies – enabling the two organisations to focus on what they do best.

The College will have academic standing; attract funding for research; award qualifications; present an improved face to the public and one that has intellectual authority. The Society will
focus on providing improved membership services. There is no change to contact details for services members require – the two organisations are seamlessly linked.

Overall, this approach provides a solid foundation to achieve our vision, for the benefits of podiatry to be recognised by the public, by fellow healthcare professionals, by policy-makers, and commissioners of healthcare as being synonymous with foot health. And to put our members at the forefront of innovative practice and high quality, cost-effective care in the UK, meeting a clear and continuing need in the population.