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Medicine & Medical Devices Committee Education

Medicines & Medical Devices Education

The role of this committee is to ensure that the Society keeps abreast of all relevant issues concerning medicines.  The committee also operates a system where members may submit enquiries via email ( sl@scpod.org ) and the committee will provide the most up-to-date information on a given subject, normally within a few weeks of receiving the enquiry. Depending upon the complexity of the subject, some enquiries may take longer to resolve.

Who’s who on the Medicines Committee (2016)   

Mr Matthew Fitzpatrick (Chairman)
Prof Alan M Borthwick (co-optee)
Mr Jim Pickard (co-optee)
Dr Jean Mooney (co-optee)
Ms Kerry Clarke (co-optee)
Dr June Crown (co-optee)
Mr Kevin Cole (Council representative)

Mrs Wendy Jones

Mrs Wendy McCormack  

Prof Paul Chadwick (Clinical Director)

Mr James Coughtrey (Head of Education)

Terms of Reference

  • To be the advisory body to the Board of Trustees of the College of Podiatrists on all matter relating to medicines

  • To develop policies and strategies for extending the range of prescription only medicines (POMs) available by exemption Orders

  • To negotiate with the Department of Health and other government agencies regarding obtaining independent prescribing rights for podiatrists

  • To take whatever steps are necessary to keep the Board of Trustees of the College of Podiatrists adequately informed of all matters relating to the provision and use of prescription only medicines

  • To provide professional guidance to members on all matters relating to medicines, prescription or otherwise

  • To contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals of the College of Podiatrists and the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists