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Outline Curriculum Framework for Conversion Programmes

Outline Curriculum Framework for Conversion Programmes

Outline Curriculum Framework for Conversion Programmes to Prepare Physiotherapist and Podiatrist Supplementary Prescribers as Independent Prescribers

Note of clarification for Education Providers
Outline Curriculum Framework Assessment Strategies: the Conversion Programme
It is acknowledged that Higher Education Institutions will design their own programmes within the outline framework provided, consistent with their own institutional format, and that the approach to assessment will involve a range of strategies, in line with the outline curriculum framework document.  In many cases previous AHP supplementary prescribing students will have been taught alongside nurse IP students and assessed using the same diet of assessment in some areas of the curriculum.

The entry requirements specify that those individuals undertaking the conversion programme must have been practising as supplementary prescribers for the six month period prior to the commencement of the conversion programme.  

Whilst the outline framework for conversion programmes specifies all the formal elements of the assessment diet, it is acknowledged that many of the learning outcomes will have been previously addressed within the supplementary prescribing programmes undertaken.   

It is therefore recognised that due credence should be given to the evidence of professional knowledge, skills, behaviour, experience and clinical practice already demonstrated in the assessment of the learning outcomes of the supplementary prescribing course, and evident in the single competency prescribing framework, and that there should be an opportunity for candidates to use this evidence to support their achievement of the additional learning outcomes required to function as an independent prescriber.