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Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine Archives

Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine Archives

The Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine (CHoPM) seeks to identify, collect, and preserve original and unique records that document the history of chiropody and podiatry, as well as boot and shoemaking. It also maintains records of members of the College of Podiatry and its antecedents, the output of members’ academic interests, and it makes the Archive available for use by staff and students, the academic research community, and the wider public. The Centre also collects contemporary material including newspaper articles relevant to the discipline.

The Archive Collection

Lord Morris of Manchester opened the CHoPM in April 2011, following the acquisition of a significant amount of material formerly owned by Mr Colin Dagnall. This material was a valuable addition to existing archival holdings documenting the history of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and its members. It was recognised at this time that a more formal approach to managing the historical records and library would be beneficial to members, academic researchers and the general public. The College of Podiatry gained charitable status in 2011 and the importance of maintaining the archives is now formally recognised in the Articles of Association of the College.


  • To maintain a specialist library of archival source material and rare publications relating to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist/College of Podiatry and its members and the study of podiatric medicine
  • To catalogue and store all the collections in our care and to make them available to researchers as soon as possible following acquisition
  • To make electronic catalogues of material available online
  • To promote access to, and use of, the collections by members of the College, students, academic researchers and members of the public
  • To answer enquiries about the collections and their use
  • To select contemporary material to add to the archive, including newspaper and magazine articles
  • To identify and restrict access to items which have been identified by the Committee to be confidential in nature



  • Annual Reports
  • Artefacts relating to the history of podiatric medicine
  • Articles of association, contracts and agreements
  • Brochures, leaflets, posters and Society/College publications
  • Correspondence (business and personal)
  • Journals
  • Membership Listings
  • Minutes 
  • Newspaper and magazine cuttings
  • Photographs
  • Policies, strategies, organisational charts
  • Rare publications relating to the study of podiatric medicine
  • Textbooks relating to podiatric medicine and associated disciplines



The archive is available for on-site consultation by members of the College of Podiatry, students, academic researchers and the general public upon request. 

Some of the material is on display at Providence Square. However, the majority of the collection is in storage but can be retrieved if requested.


We are in the process of transferring our collection to a new cataloguing system - MODES. At present we do have a searchable list of holdings. Please contact the Curator with any enquiries.


We are currently unable to take donations in any quantity. However, we would still be interested in acquiring any unique and unusual items. If you have anything you would like to donate please contact the Curator in the first instance.

Donations and deposits can only be accepted with a signed agreement form detailing the specific terms and conditions of donation or deposit. The Centre will not accept donations or deposits on behalf of the College where the Committee has not been party to the agreement.


We are happy to answer routine enquiries submitted via email regarding access and use of collections. Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer detailed research enquiries, other than to give general guidance as to what material is held. For complex research enquiries, we recommend that researchers visit in person. 


Curator of Archives – Sue Hardiman
Email: - chpm@cop.org.uk

College  of Podiatry
Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine
Quartz House
207 Providence Square
Mill Street
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