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The College

College Aims

The College is a registered charity (England & Wales No: 1145855, Scotland No: SCO43965) it is focused on the benefit the public derives from the work of our members. This is a difference of emphasis from the role of the Society which is, broadly, to promote the interests of our members. This has necessitated a change to the structure of the Society and the College. 

Ultimately, the College is responsible to the Charity Commission and all College activity must be geared towards the pursuit of the following objects which are laid down in the Articles of the College:

  1. the advancement of health in particular, but not limited to, the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions of the foot and lower limbs;

  2. the advancement of research and education of the public in the art and science of podiatric health relating in particular, but not limited to, the prevention and the treatment of diseases and conditions of the foot and lower limbs;

  3. the relief of poverty; and

  4. the furtherance of such other exclusively charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales as the Trustees in their absolute discretion from time to time determine.

Clearly, podiatry has benefited the public for many generations and our motto ‘Post Curam Otium’ – which might loosely be translated as ‘after treatment comes relief’ – hints at the same idea. The public has healthier feet because of the work of our members.  There is previously untapped potential to establish a relationship between our members and the public which can be of great mutual benefit to both.

The College and Society

How they work

The table below summarises which activities will occur in either the College or Society.

Essentially, if the activity is a benefit to the public, then it is considered charitable and will be part of the College. A Public Benefit Test is applied to the activity, defined by the Charities Act 2006. If the activity is for professional benefit, then it is considered a membership benefit and therefore the activity is part of the Society.

The College of Podiatry

The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists


Continuing professional



Scientific annual conference

Promotion of foot health


Professional interest activities

Lobbying on behalf of the wholeprofession

Professional insurance

Promotion of independent practice

Trade union activities


The College will have academic standing; attract funding for research; award qualifications; present an improved face to the public and one that has intellectual authority. The Society will focus on providing improved membership services. There is no change to contact details for services members require – the two organisations are seamlessly linked.

Overall, this approach provides a solid foundation to achieve our vision, for the benefits of podiatry to be recognised by the public, by fellow healthcare professionals, by policy-makers, and commissioners of healthcare as being synonymous with foot health. And to put our members at the forefront of innovative practice and high quality, cost-effective care in the UK, meeting a clear and continuing need in the population.