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Our History

Our History

The Society came into being in 1945 when five British chiropody organisations amalgamated. The oldest of the constituent bodies and the first in Europe was founded in 1912.

In 1954 the examinations of the Society were approved by the Ministry of Health for National Health Service appointments. The Society continued as the examining body for the purposes of State Registration under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1960 until the advent of degrees in the late 1980s.

History in a year

In 1948 the Society was included in the Whitley Council for Health Services (Great Britain) to represent chiropodists in the NHS, and became a trade union in 1978, affiliating to the TUC in 1997.

In 1993 the Society of Chiropodists added the name 'Podiatrists' to its title reflecting the use of this term throughout the English speaking world and with the objective of securing protection of this title for the State Registered profession.

In 1995 the Society celebrated its Golden Jubilee by hosting the XV World Congress of the International Federation of Podologists and Podiatrists (FIPP) of which the Society is an active member and currently holds the Presidency.

In 1998 the Association of Chief Chiropody Officers and the Podiatry Association amalgamated with the Society to form a single body representing the HPC registered chiropodists and podiatrists

The Arms of the Society

In 1946 an award of Arms was made to the newly formed Society of Chiropodists by the College of Heralds.

Grants of Arms are linked with ancient chivalry and the scienceof heraldry and are awarded only to persons and organizations of substance.

Stricts rules govern the use of heraldic devices and heraldry has a language all its own.

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